Voorleesdagen 2021

The National Reading Days will take place again from 20 to 30 January 2021. This year the picture book Coco is it possible! van Loes Riphagen central. There is also attention for nine other books that complete the Picture Book Top 10. (www.nationalevoorleesdagen.nl)

It’s possible about Coco!
It’s time for little Coco to spread her wings. All other baby birds have already fledged. But it’s not that easy for Coco. What if she falls very hard? But if she takes the plunge, she could also make new friends. Fortunately, Coco has a wise mother who gives her exactly the push she needs. Coco can do it! is a wonderful story about spreading your wings, gathering courage and doing more than you think.

In the link Coco kan het! a nice tip for you as parents to share the picture book of the year “Coco is possible!” to listen / watch and talk about it. You can also dance. And finally color a beautiful coloring page and / or make a craft assignment.

A lot of viewing and listening pleasure!

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