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The partnership between the Groen van Prinstererschool and the Small Society childcare organization aims to ensure the correct coordination and cohesion between education, development and childcare.

This creates an optimal learning and development environment in which the various parts of the school, the after-school care, the playgroup and the entire day-care are coordinated.

For children and parents, a recognizable whole is created in which children can develop optimally and can learn and play carefree.

The partnership consists of:

– Primary school Groen van Prinstererschool

– Daycare center Small Society De Bilt

– Small Society pre-school care

– Small Society out-of-school care

– Playgroup Small Society De Bilt

The collaboration focuses on sharing knowledge and skills, realizing and maintaining an ongoing development line for children aged 0 – 12 years. The school and childcare work from a shared vision of the development of young children, the coordination of working methods and the promotion of a good flow from childcare to primary education.

Transfer to Green from Prinstererschool and After School Care

In order to achieve a good cohesion, a “priority system” is used whereby registered children can move on as much as possible from the playgroup and childcare to the primary education of the Groen van Prinstererschool and from school to the after-school care of Small Society.

The collaboration between primary school, daycare and after-school care means in practice more cohesion and synergy between childcare and education. We work along the following goals:

  1. A shared vision and approach to the development of young children
  2. Childcare, school and after-school activities are coordinated
  3. Focus on the development of young children and an optimal transition (warm transfer) and flow from childcare to primary education
  4. Child tracking system from childcare to primary education
  5. Joint projects and activities from the school and childcare
  6. Joint calendar; coordination of closing days. study days and holiday periods
  7. Common contact points for parents and needs assessments

Contact points for the Groen van Prinstererschool partnership:

For questions regarding the partnership and to request an information package from the school, the playgroup or the childcare center, please contact the Groen van Prinstererschool or Small Society. or via

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