Partnership ‘T Wold en Small Society

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Primary schools “T Wold” and childcare organization Small Society have started a partnership in Zeewolde, which enables optimal coordination between education and childcare. The development is in line with the national trend in which schools and childcare organizations are increasingly seeking mutual cooperation. On January 21, 2015, the official kick off took place with cake at the Small Society daycare center.

Director Kees de Klerk of primary school “T Wold:” As a school, we have been working with Small Society since 2005. Small Society’s out-of-school care is located in our school and there is of course regular contact and consultation between school staff and Small Society. The cooperation has always been good and recently the idea has arisen to further intensify our cooperation so that a learning and development environment can be created for children and parents in which the various parts of the school, the out-of-school care and the whole day care center can be even better. are attuned to each other. ”

Based on the collaboration, the school and childcare organization therefore want to make concrete agreements about the realization of a so-called continuous development line for children aged 0-12 years. Methods, programs and developments can be geared to each other so that more mutual coherence is created and the moments of transition for children and parents are optimized. This will create a clearly recognizable and coherent whole for parents and children in which knowledge and skills, supply and demand, and learning and development are aligned. The child is always central. The collaboration will also have many practical benefits for children, parents and employees, such as the sharing of knowledge, the use of spaces and resources and common points of contact.

Ruby Hensen, (director of Small Society Daycare Centers):

“The collaboration will create a child-oriented environment in which children can develop optimally and can learn and play carefree. As a childcare organization, we are enthusiastic about the many opportunities this collaboration will provide for children, parents and employees.

In the coming period, more will be announced about the way in which the cooperation will be given concrete form and which initiatives will be taken in the coming year.

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