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It is a beautiful summer day at the daycare. The children of the red group are playing outside and the pedagogical employee is making a beautiful chalk drawing of a boat together with the children. At the end of the day, the leader tells us what they have done and how pleasant it was that day.

In recent years we have noticed that handover is becoming increasingly important for parents. During our customer satisfaction surveys, the desire has also regularly emerged to provide more information about the activities that are undertaken with the children on a daily basis. Small Society sees the increasing importance of parental involvement and communication with parents and therefore wants to invest in a tool that responds to this. Parents gain more insight into the daily routine and what the children experience at the day daycare or after-school care. This will also make communication and interaction between the childcare center and parents considerably easier. In the coming period, a first pilot will be started on the introduction of a childcare app.

With the childcare app, pedagogical employees can keep track of the course of the day of your child(s), make short messages, take photos and share them with you via the app (or via your computer). You will always be kept informed of what your child is going through and you have the opportunity to communicate with the group yourself.

In the coming period, a first pilot will start at our location in Almere. After this, the app will also be started at the other locations.

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