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Welcome to the playgroup in de Bilt!

There has been a Small Society playgroup in the Groen van Prinstererschool for almost 7 years now. Toddlers from all over the area are welcome, regardless of which primary school they attend later. From 2 years old, the toddlers can come play and learn one or more half-days.

Development, games and the feeling of safety are central to us. Every toddler can develop in his/her own way and pace. We look closely at what the toddler needs and how we can make this decision. It is important to us that the parent and the toddler feel safe. Together with two pedagogical employees and two great volunteers, we take care of the toddlers with love and passion.

We offer the toddlers specific activities, take a good look at the world of experience, the age and interest of the toddler past. The activities are versatile, the circle, exercise (to music), crafts, a game or reading. There is a lot of room for free play and individual attention. We work with a fixed daily routine, which gives stability and a safe feeling. The playgroup is a good preparation for primary school.

We offer many extra activities such as reading breakfast, autumn walk, Sinterklaas, Christmas, Easter lunch and the summer party. Our playgroup is a place where everyone is unique, and everyone is seen. A great place to grow and flourish!

Because we have a huge team, all children know the pedagogical staff. Fixed faces give children a sense of security and confidence. Our team gives your species the quality attention it needs. Our staff is also regularly trained and coached because, in addition to good care, we believe it is important that everyone in the organization continues to grow.

After viewing our website, we can imagine that you still have questions. You are very welcome to come and see a sight at our location in De Bilt. The location manager will show you around and answer all your questions. You can also see how our experienced pedagogical employees deal with the children and you immediately get an impression of the atmosphere in the group, of our employees and the playgroup.

Team de Bilt playground

DayOpening hours
Monday 08:30 - 13:00
Tuesday 08:30 - 13:00
Wednesday 08:30 - 13:00
Thursday 08:30 - 13:00
Friday 08:30 - 13:00

Adres: Groen van Prinstererweg 2, 3731 HA, De Bilt

Telefoon: 06-27385356

Contactpersoon: Ingrid Weeda 

Locatiemanager: Yvonne de Vries


LRKnummer: 199923504

GGDrapport: PSZ Bilt

Klachtenvrij: Certificaat PSZ